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For North Carolina State Senate, District 45

Building a Better Future!


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Jeanne Promotes:

  • Quality, affordable healthcare close to home
  • An economy that supports working people and builds thriving, sustainable, green communities
  • Education and training so people can engage in meaningful work throughout their lives
  • Agriculture supports so all North Carolinians have abundant healthy food, provided by dedicated local farmers who can easily cultivate humane, sustainable farming practices 
  • Leadership to bridge divides, get things done, and nurture respect, empathy and dignity
  • Clear protections to safeguard our democracy

Jeanne’s Immediate Goals Once Elected:

  • Medicaid Expansion
  • Real investments in teachers and education
  • Independent, nonpartisan redistricting and strong voter protections
  • Strong acts to protect our climate, water, air, land
  • Agriculture policy that supports food security, small family farms, climate change innovations and environmental protection, animal protection and food and consumer safety
  • Protections so all North Carolinians thrive in loving, inclusive, and equitable communities

Please join us!

A Vision For The Future

Imagine healthy lives, happy families, meaningful work, thriving communities, rich diversity, deep connections and shared commitment to each other and the world. These are not naive pipe dreams. Instead, together we can fulfill these aspirations through moral leadership and wise public policy. That is what our campaign is all about.


Policies Matter. A lot.

Health and Wellbeing for All

As the richest nation in human history we must ensure health and wellbeing as a fundamental right. Jeanne promotes a clear path to universal healthcare by expanding Medicaid and supporting efforts to:

  • Ensure everything is covered and available, including treatment for physical, mental, dental, vision, hearing, reproductive and addiction needs.
  • Emphasize prevention, wellness, reproductive, child, adult and senior health.
  • Incentivize high-touch, home and community-based, culturally informed care so everyone can find real help close to home.
  • Redirect billions of dollars wasted on insurance and pharmaceutical profits so we pay community hospitals, primary care doctors, nurses, health aids, counselors, therapists and local clinics what they deserve.
Rebuild the Middle Class

As one of the world’s strongest economies, we have an obligation to ensure that people can work reasonable hours, live productive lives without financial stress or worry, plan for the future, take care of loved ones, achieve goals, retire with dignity, and feel connected to their communities. This is doable when we courageously do the following:

  • Guarantee solid, predictable minimum wages so any full-time job allows families to enjoy stable housing, ample food, quality healthcare, and other basic needs.
  • Provide real supports, incentives and investments to small and medium sized business owners so they can do right by their employees and enjoy the profits of their work.
  • Ensure equal pay and equal dignity for equal work regardless of veteran status, gender, race, identity, health, abilities, orientation or past criminal justice history.
  • Protect workers’ voice and protection throughout the economy, whether in board rooms, executive suites, cubicles, restaurants, shop floors, civil servant offices, retail stores, care-giving or home-care settings, farms, hospitals or anywhere else Americans labor.
  • Enforce consumer and usury protections against predatory actors across all industries.
  • Increase support for not-for-profits and collaboratives dedicated to improving lives.
Lead the Green Wave
Our green future is inevitable, despite the fossil fuel industry’s last ditch efforts to lie to us and steal as much final profits as they can. Leading the green wave brings tremendous economic and cultural opportunities, particularly in areas like Western North Carolina. It demands new vision and courage to invest in the following:

  • Demand (fearlessly and unapologetically) that the richest corporations in human history (the fossil fuel industry) contribute some of their profits to revitalize our communities, climate and environment.
  • Open green technology manufacturing plants, particularly in communities that have lost good manufacturing jobs over the last four decades.
  • Create ambitious training, job corps and other work opportunities to retrofit the way we get energy, drive, grow our food, heat and cool our homes, handle natural disasters, and secure clean air and water.
  • Invest heavily in training, education and career opportunities for professionals that are desperately needed in a rapidly changing environment, like biologists, climatologists, renewable energy engineers, inventors, regenerative farmers, conservationists, and specialists in fields as far ranging as soil regeneration to closed-loop waste disposal to renewable energy financiers.
  • Incentivize high-touch, low-carbon jobs such as teachers, nurses, CNA’s, counselors and therapists, care providers, field and household workers.
Encourage Lifelong Learning

The old understanding that “public education” only happens ages 5-18 is long gone. Our economy demands lifelong learning and retooling, and our education system should help us sustain meaningful work and shift jobs and careers as our curiosities, aspirations, or circumstances shift. This means re-thinking public investment in education and investing in things we already know work, including:

  • Serious investments to increase teacher salaries and give educators more autonomy to serve their students.
  • Quality childcare that supports working families and gives children the foundation to be lifelong learners.
  • Universal pre-K education so all children can achieve their potential.
  • Build towards free technical, community, HBCU, and public college education and expand grants and work-study options so students can complete their studies debt-free.
  • Dramatically expand free trade education and apprenticeships to provide a wide variety of options for students with all kinds of interests and career goals.
Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength

America remains one of the most diverse nations on the planet, and Western North Carolina mirrors national trends. Honoring true diversity, inclusion, equity and multiculturalism can be challenging, for it requires us all to question our biases and be open to new understandings. Yet it’s worth it, for an ever-expanding tribe benefits us all. As a true leader Jeanne will:

  • Nurture a culture that honors all our ancestors, whether native born, forced here as enslaved people, recent refugees and immigrants yearning for a better life, or those who founded this nation with aspirational dreams.
  • Protect everyone’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, no matter their abilities, gender, race, ethnicity, religious sentiments, or how they choose peacefully to live, love, work, believe and engage.
Democracy Demands Our Unwavering Commitment

The American promise demands that we actively, continuously safeguard our democracy so all rights are protected, all interests served, full participation is encouraged and every single vote counts. To safeguard democracy Jeanne will promote:

  • Automatic and same-day voter registration.
  • Independent, nonpartisan districting.
Healthy, Vibrant, Regenerative Agriculture Helps Us All

We are what we eat. We reap what we sow. Our land gives us strength. And nature feeds our souls.

As a North Carolina State Senator Jeanne will promote 21st Century agriculture policies that rejuvinate collapsing ecosystmes, depleted soils and out-dated or destructive environmental and health policies so we can protect our climate, air, water, soil and food systems.

Specifically, Jeanne will promote:

  • Food security and expanded access to local, healthy, nutritious food for all North Carolinians, no matter their age, race, income, or where they live.
  • Emphasis on small family farms, local and cooperative food distribution, and community-enhancing food availabilty.
  • Heavy investments in sustainable and regenerative practices for soils, farms, coastal areas, foraging sanctuaries and other places that provide our nutrition and/or capture CO2. These investments will be made all across the agricultural system, from communities, schools and universities, to research stations, to farms, to cooperative extensions and to community parks and wildlands.
  • Strong food and consumer safety regulations and enforcement.
  • Strong farm worker protections.
  • Humane livestock practices.
  • Expanded revenue opportunities for local farmers, including broadband internet and diverse or new agriculture products, including expanded markets for heirloom and more diverse plants and livestock, other diverse food and beverages, and  hemp and cannibis.  
Gun Violence Hurts Everyone
Every day 100 Americans are killed or injured from gun violence, whether from mass shootings that are occurring with alarming regularity to more frequent acts of domestic violence and suicide. Almost as troubling, the “gun debate” has been fueled by misinformation and manipulation, causing the issue to appear more contentious and hopeless than it actually is.

A vast bipartisan majority of Americans agree that we need sensible gun laws that create real safety throughout our homes, schools, and neighborhoods without infringing on our Constitutional rights.

As a leader in suicide prevention, trauma and creating healthy communities, Jeanne will support gun laws that offer real protections for all Americans, including:

  • Gun ownership licensure.
  • Extreme risk / red flag laws.
  • Strong background checks.
  • Disarming domestic abusers.
  • Gun safety education and storage.
  • Restricting the sale of military weapons.
  • Allowing the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to research gun deaths and injuries in the same way it researches other health issues in order to find workable solutions.




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About Jeanne


Jeanne has served others her whole life. Her dad is a retired minister, her mom a retired counselor, and Jeanne has continued their legacy of helping others throughout her career.

Over decades as a healthcare professional Jeanne leads efforts like suicide prevention, health equity, improving ways to treat trauma, depression, anxiety and addiction, and ensuring high quality healthcare can be found close to home.

Jeanne knows first-hand how broad federal policy actually plays out on the ground. She’s seen how policies can either destroy lives or help people, families and communities flourish.

By serving in the North Carolina State Senate Jeanne will bring this practical experience to decision-making tables and deepen her ability to bring value to her community.


Jeanne is brave enough to lead. Throughout her career Jeanne has successfully brought people together to fix thorny problems affecting individual lives and whole communities. She’s led countless efforts with huge public benefit, including easing the way people access government services, re-organizing the way people in crisis get help, and supporting activist voices to make real change around healthcare, climate action, and community services.

Jeanne also courageously takes a stand when rights, values or dignity are threatened. And when things are divisive she leads with humility, listens with respect, and inspires people to find common ground in order to improve their communities together.

This is leadership, and Jeanne will bring these talents to the North Carolina State Senate.


Connection, empathy and compassion are core human needs. They are not merely “nice to have.” They are as vital to our survival as food, water and shelter.

Public policy can either destroy or nurture these essential needs.

Jeanne’s decades of expertise in mental health, public policy and government service have taught her how to build connection, empathy and compassion into the fabric of our lives, our families and our communities. Government should help people come together, and Jeanne will bring her experience and her heart to the North Carolina Senate.

Mission & Values

Jeanne’s running for North Carolina Senate so she can bring forth policies that create healthy, meaningful, flourishing lives and communities that benefit all.


TUESDAY, November 3, 2020